ZL1 Fuel Pump System for VE 2006-2017 - Fuel Pump Upgrade
ZL1 Fuel Pump System for VE 2006-2017 - Fuel Pump Upgrade

ZL1 Fuel Pump System for VE 2006-2017

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t’s very easy to go wandering down the kilowatt lane and run out of the juice the engine is craving, enter the VCM Performance Fuel Pump upgrade. Without turning the existing fuel tank into a 'Frankenstein' lab of lines and connections, this kit is a complete drop in solution that uses all factory clips, connections and fittings with clever simple components to get you around the fuel barrier and keep turning up the power. 

Keeping things simple and factory in essence, the new kit comes complete with the following components;

  • GM ZL1 Fuel Pump Module pre-installed with new revised Fuel Pressure Regulator setup
  • All Adapters to fit into VE's (wiring connector, crossover line adapter)
  • For early model VE's, included is a new Passenger side fuel level sender unit and internal crossover line
  • New Fuel Level sender and float
  • New Fuel Pump and Sender 'O'Rings

Making it a cost effective and viable option for supercharged and heavily modified naturally aspirated powered cars, the VCM Fuel Pump upgrade is designed to support up to 600-650HP

The best option for your VE and VF fuel system, just select the correct year in the drop down menu before adding to cart.

Early VE's require some modifying of the factory fuel line to properly fit between the fuel module and the fuel line under the car.