VZ-VF 6L 6.2L Engine Rebuild - Engine Rebuild
VZ-VF 6L 6.2L Engine Rebuild - Engine Rebuild
VZ-VF 6L 6.2L Engine Rebuild - Engine Rebuild

VZ-VF 6L 6.2L Engine Rebuild

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This package is carried out at Oztrack workshop.
It is suitable for 6L and 6.2L engines in regular VZ,VE & VF models. Not including the LSA.

We offer a range of packages.

Stage I Enhanced Stock Rebuild

  • Engine removal, engine work and re-installation
  • Normal Custom Tuning
  • Stock camshaft or similar
  • rod, cam and main bearings
  • Engine cylinder bore hone
  • piston rings
  • single valve springs
  • Hardened pushrods
  • Timing chain
  • Harmonic Balancer bolt
  • Cam bolts
  • Oil Pump
  • LS7 lifters and Lifter Buckets
  • Gasket kit
  • GM approved run-in oil
  • Oil Filter
  • GM approved Engine Coolant

If the engine has more damage the price can increase to include:

  • New pistons
  • New rods
  • New crankshaft or crankshaft repairs
  • New Cylinder Heads or head repairs
  • Block replacement or Block repairs.

Stage II Cam Upgrade Rebuild
We also build engines incorporating an Oztrack custom camshaft and the items listed in Stage I, as well as the items below

  • Oztrack Camshaft
  • PAC Double Valve Springs kit
  • Chromoly Pushrods.
  • Run-in Oil & Filter
  • Performance Timing Chain
  • Dyno Tuning

Common Options available include:

  • Rocker Bush Kit $535
  • 25% underdrive Balancer kit $575
  • VCM OTR Kit $550
  • Full Performance Exhaust Systems - variety with great sound available.Including Bi-modal systems for VFII or HSV with Bimodal.

Stage III-IV  Specialist Engine Rebuild 
 We also build LS1s with upgraded heads and other parts. Call us for pricing  & other options.

  • Higgins Racing Development CNC Ported Heads
  • Forged Pistons (with valve reliefs for bigger camshafts) 
  • 402/415 strokers with Forged Pistons/Rods & Crank
  • Imported Re-engineered Cylinder Heads
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Roller Rockers
  • Supercharger Upgrades including Harrop FDFI2300/FDFI2650
  • Clutch Upgrades
  • Fuel System Upgrades

Engine Only Builds
We also offer to rebuild engines that are freighted to us. Call and discuss. We can work out a plan and quote the job.