Powerbond 25% Underdrive Balancer kit for VZ-VE-VF V8 - Underdrive Balancer Kit

Powerbond 25% Underdrive Balancer kit for VZ-VE-VF V8

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Dayco Powerbond Power Pulley Kits

• Underdrive balancer kit produces more horsepower
• Smaller diameter harmonic balancer reduces inertia for faster engine acceleration.
• SFI race harmonic balancer included for unbeatable strength and durability.
• Includes full set of all metal Dayco Nuline heavy duty idler pulleys.
• Premium Dayco poly V drive belts included for quiet running and minimum belt slip.

All Powerbond Underdrive balancers are manufactured from forged Steel have pressure bonded rubber with a circlip to encapsulate the outer ring and have the same characteristics as the Powerbond Race series of harmonic balancers. Underdriving a harmonic balancer or making it smaller in diameter slows down the accessories speed reducing parasitic power losses from driving the alternator, air conditioning, water pump and power steering. By reducing the drive belt speed less power is used to run these accessories which will give you more HP, improve fuel economy and better throttle response. 

Varieties available:

PBK001 = 5.7L LS1, 6L L76  (Commodore VT-VY-VZ 1999-06)
PBK002 = 6L L76, L98, LS2, 6.2L LS3 (Commodore VE 2006-8/2010)
PBK016 = 6L L77, 6.2L LS3 (Commodore VE II 9/2010-13)
PBK021 = 6L L77, 6.2L LS3 (Commodore VF, VFII 2013-On)