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Oztrack Camshaft kits include parts have been selected to offer best reliability.

  • Oztrack Camshaft
  • PAC Dual Springs kit VTKLS8 ( VTKLST with Titanium Retainers Spring sets are an extra $225)
  • Chromoly Pushrods
  • Genuine LS7 Lifters & Lifter guides
  • Head gaskets
  • Head bolts
  • Harmonic balancer bolt

In VE-VF V8 or VZ 6L V8 we also provide a three bolt LS7 cam sprocket and cam bolts

In L77/L76 engines we also provide the Valley Plate (to complete the AFM delete)


Oztrack camshafts are manufactured in Australia to our specifications. We have been developing our cams for the LS range since 2010. Designed to the suit LS engine range LS1, LS2 as well as L98, LS3 and L77/L76 (with afm hardware removed)

On offer are the following camshafts:

Oztrack Camshaft Range

The FE is a great calm torque & fuel economy cam aimed at LS1 owners.

The LSV is the best all-round cam for 5.7L, 6.0L & 6.2L owners. Its big enough to give a good gain in LS3 and is almost calm in drive in 6.0L/6.2L automatics.

The HP2 is our medium sized cam that still idles calmer than the HPA/HP3 and this cam is the best choice for Forced Induction applications.

The HPA & HP3 are both aimed at being best for performance for automatics (not requiring high stall converters). In Manuals, they are choppy/lumpy when idling and give a great spread of power with more than the LSV.

The HPS is our best for all-out power in 6.0L/6.2L with rectangular port heads which are on on the L98/L76/L77/LS3.  It gives a lumpy idle. Best used with VTKLST springs which have lighter titanium retainers maximizing rpm potential above 6500rpm. 

The GT is our best for all-out power in the LS1 & LS2. It gives a lumpy idle. Best used with VTKLST springs. 

Let us know your cam choice in checkout comments or call/email for help in your decision. 

We can remotely custom tune your car from anywhere in the world. Just choose the remotely tuned option.

If you want a cam upgrade kit installed & dyno tuning. Contact us via Messenger and we can book your car in and get it done!