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Mellings Performance Oil Pump

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Melling's years of experience are apparent in these Performance oil pumps. They boast a CNC-machined body and cover and hardened steel gears that are up to 25 percent longer, providing additional flow to performance engines with wider bearing clearances. Their drive and idler shafts have been extended into the cover to provide additional support and eliminate dynamic shaft deflection.

This pump provides higher pressure and is a higher volume pump.

Suitable for cam upgrades in 6L & 6.2L  LS engines. Not suitable for use when AFM is being utilized. 

The factory LS oil pump suffers from cavitation above 6,200 RPM, which results in a drop in oil flow of nearly 1 GPM by 7,000 RPM. This cavitation can also aerate the oil, which causes drops in oil pressure and can result in oil starvation. This is why we do not recommend shifting any higher than 6,200 RPM with a stock engine. Engines that run at RPM's above 6,200 should use an upgraded Melling pump to prevent these issues. 

Features and Benefits

  • 8.0 GPM maximum flow for an 18% increase in volumetric flow over most factory LS engine oil pumps.
  • Includes a stiffer bypass spring for a 10% maximum oil pressure increase over the factory LS oil pumps, factory specification oil pressure spring also included
  • Compatible with VVT engines
  • Cast aluminum housing, CNC-machined and hard anodized
  • Iron cover, CNC-machined and phosphate coated
  • Compatible with factory GM oil pickup tubes/screens