KPM 550cc Flow Matched Injectors for Holden VT-VZ LS1 LS2 - Fuel Injectors

KPM 550cc Flow Matched Injectors for Holden VT-VZ LS1 LS2

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Supplied in flow matched sets of 8.

KPM 550cc injectors are developed with the highest precision engineering. All KPM Fuel System products are of the highest quality, through premium manufacturing processes. Our fuel injectors are serialised and individually characterised to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

Upgrading the fuel injection is vital once modifications are made to increase horsepower. Giving more flexibility for tuning and is necessary once the limit of the factory injectors/fuel system is reached.

The 550cc injectors are suitable for mildly modified vehicles. Allowing increased fuel flow and developed for performance tuning. The injectors are a complete, machined, flow tested set. Along with the injectors we provide the scaling data used for precise tuning.

KPM injectors are available to suit a range of vehicles/engine applications.

Vehicle compatibility: Holden VT-VZ V8 LS1/LS2

Additional components: Requires KPM-045 Adapters (Included in kit)