Benefits of a Full Exhaust Upgrade

Performance exhaust systems aim to satisfy two requirements:

1/ Improve Performance

2/ Provide the enjoyable sound the owner wants

The increased performance is provided by removing heat and gases quicker. This helps the engine perform more effectively and in terms of tuning able to run with better performance settings. This can yield better power & torque as well as often better fuel economy.

Factory catalytic converters present quite a restriction, They can be replaced with high flow metal substrate cats that help provide better flow. 

The images include an explanation of the factory cats, the look of inside a factory style cat and a metal high flow cat.

The metal cats are more reliable during performance applications as well. We prefer to use good quality thick walled cats and we notice that 200 cell cats have less associated "white noise" and give a more pleasant exhaust note in the cabin. 



Performance Headers  (or extractors) draw maximum exhaust from the cylinder during the duration of the exhaust stroke.

The escaping exhaust gases moving through the header pipes creates energy pulses that form vacuums, pulling additional exhaust out of the combustion chamber so that the maximum amount of fresh fuel and air can be drawn in. Headers draw maximum exhaust from the cylinder during the duration of the exhaust stroke.

For a header to work its crucial that the individual primary pipes are manufactured the right length and the right diameter. This is specific to the engine and its modifications.

We commonly use Headers with long primary pipes that are between 1"3/4 and 2" diameter on the VT-VF V8 engines that we tune.

Below are some ceramic coated headers

Performance Catback systems should make a good sound. We find stainless steel systems sound the best and last much longer. Beware of cheap droney exhausts which are poorly designed. They may save you money but often people grow to regret the money spent.

Our systems are manufactured in superior 409 stainless steel which gives the best sound and they come with a 5-year warranty. We also have special bimodal mufflers to use on cars that have the bimodal feature from the GM factory. We offer exhaust systems for Commodores VT-VF, Jeep and Chrysler SRT and many other makes.

Late model 6 & 6.2L Commodores often gain around 50 rwkw from the combination of an OTR cold air intake, Full exhaust upgrade with an accompanying tune. Around 20rwkw of this improvement is contributed by the exhaust. Plus they sound much more like a V8! 






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